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Comedy/Edutainment Animation Kids Series 

Format: 26x7' Series (Animation)

Target:  Kids (6-10)

Genre: Comedy/Edutainment

Status: Development 

Launch Year: TBA

Looking for: Broadcasters  licensing, financing and co-production 

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Languages: Brazilian Portuguese and English

Co-production: Cartunaria, Lazuli Filmes and Druzina Content  

Highlights: It´s unprecedented and new content. 

Country: Brazil

Gigi is a girl like any other. She plays, studies, learns, has fun ... but Gigi loves animals too much, so from the age of 6 she made a decision: to treat them just like friends! For this reason, Gigi prefers to eat fruits, cereals and vegetables instead of meat, eggs and dairy products, which, of course, makes her relatives and friends very curious.


Each episode of the series will bring a situation in which Gigi is questioned about her decision (if Gigi doesn't eat meat, cheese, eggs… What does Gigi eat?) Gigi always does very well, responding with lightness and grace when someone asks what she eats ... the little vegan mentions vegetable foods that are part of her menu, through songs and phrases that rhyme!


A cute and also relevant project, which will bring a soft feminine narration and rhyming phrases in a dialogue about food choices and restrictions, in a light, educational and fun way!

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