Format: 75'

Gender: Neutral

Status: Pre-production

Genre: Documentary/Comedy

Directed by: OTA and Silvio Tendler

Launch Year: 2023

Looking for: Broadcasters, Financing 

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Languages: Portuguese (Brazil)

Highlights: In 2018 this project won governmental funding for its production in Brazil FSA/BRDE/ANCINE, which guaranteed 50% financing of the work.

Country: Brazil

Imagem - OTA.png

"The Ota Sex Report" openly address in an innovative, natural, irreverent and revealing way the human sexual behavior. Inspired in the homonymous book by the Brazilian cartoonist OTA (editor of the Brazilian version of the MAD magazine for more than three decades, where he influenced many cartoonists), this work will merge comic and documentary language (live action) and will have a humorous tone, agile pace and will not have taboos or prejudices to approach sex.

The documentary will have an aesthetic proposal that will refer to comics. Images from the original book will be animated illustrating the topics. The interviews will occupy most of the documentary, and will use a visual language that will blend various types of animation, such as rotoscoping, clip animation, 2D animation, etc.

The intention is to create in this feature film a synergy between the art of cartoons and the cinematographic language of documentary through humorous tone, with agile and amusing pace, in the style of The Aristocrats (by Paul Provenza -2005), American Movie (Chris Smith, 1999) and Super Size Me (Morgan Spurlock - 2004), but quite different in the style of visual language, with testimonials from experts such as historians, astrologers, sexologists, lawyers with people known as the artists Laerte , Ziraldo, Serguei, in addition to "anonymous" ones and those who prefer not to reveal their identity and will be shown in animation.

The purpose of this documentary is to demystify and speak openly and naturally about human sexual behavior with impartiality and naturalness, to show that these behaviors differ in every human being. Through testimonials that will instill feelings of empowerment and freedom, through shared stories and the possibility of recognition and empathy, the documentary will bring up debates with themes that are not usually publicly spoken.

There are few people on the planet who are willing to talk openly about all aspects of sex naturally, in a culture that has sex constantly in the brain, talking about fetishes, preferences, fantasies without judgments is still taboo. Although there are all types of semi-nude people posing provocatively on social networks, TV and in the movies, it is rare that in the current tastes of the population to see someone 70 years old or more in a sexy or sensual way , just as it is rare to see people reporting their unconventional sexual experiences or even subjects such as pansexuality, asexuality, trissexuality, group identity, polygamy in a positive and lightly way and without being related to pornography or vulgarity.

A project that aims to demystify taboos and generate discomfort is naturally no longer in common place. Addressing such controversial issues today is not only artistically necessary, but vital for our society.