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2D   Animation Series

Format: 26x11' 2nd Season

Target:  8-12 (Kids/Tweens)

Gender: 70% boys 30% girls

Status: Late Development

Genre: comedy

Prediction: up to 3 Seasons

Launch Year: 2nd season 2023

Looking for: Broadcasters  and financing

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Languages: Brazilian Portuguese 

Created by: Lisandro Santos, Guto Bozzetti and Sergio Martinelli

Co-production: Druzina Content and Cartunaria Desenhos

Country: Brazil

Highlights: The 1st  season was broadcast in TV Brasil and Disney XD.

Aimed at 8 to 12 year-olds, “X-Heart” is a character-driven sitcom, about three local dreamers striving to become international rock gods. With biting humor, playful banter, and comical twists of fate, X-Heart pokes fun at the unglamorous side of trying to be an up-and-coming band.

Alex and his buddies, Sidney and Joe, make up the power trio known as X-Heart, a rock band dreaming of becoming the next, big star. With such lofty ambitions, Alex and his buddies put their heart and soul into making it big. But so far, their rock-and-roll lifestyle has been nothing but lousy venues, broken equipment, unresponsive crowds and hanging out in the garage of Sidney's old aunt. Each 11-minute story focuses on the and's road to stardom, filled with crappy gigs and silly get-famous-quick schemes that lead nowhere. But along the way, there will be playful trash-talk, heartfelt camaraderie and the pure, unadulterated bliss that comes from a hard night of rocking out.

The 1st  season (26x11') was broadcast in TV Brasil and Disney XD.

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