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Super8Prod is now Druzina Content!
We are growing and opening new markets! In 2019, due to the process of internationalization of the company, maturation of its exports and growth of the products developed for the audiovisual innovation market, Super8Prod becomes Druzina Content!

Druzina Content, based in Brazil, operates in the cultural and audiovisual production market. With over 15 years of experience in producing series, feature films and digital games, it currently has presence in more than 50 territories in the world in the most diverse platforms and channels, including Amazon Prime, Cartoon Network, Youku, Nickelodeon among others. The company operates mainly in the segments of cinema, television, strong IP´s, XR, games and all that is fun and innovative. Its passion is in the production of sci-fi, fantasy, documentaries, comedy, and content for children and teenagers. Its purpose is to create borderless properties!
The company, created by the producer and showrunner Luciana Druzina, specializes in audiovisual content and transmedia narrative for the Alpha and Z generations, has been working in the area from script development, production, co-production, to global distribution strategy and brand management. Druzina Content creates, structures, knows, researches, develops, produces, sells, licenses and has a passion for everything it does.
In partnership with its co-producers, Druzina Content invests in independent projects and creations of new IP´s with focus on the world market, working mainly in animation series and films for kids audience,  live action comedy and documentaries for tweens and teens audience and  Sci-fi, Fantasy, Comedy and Docs for young and adult audiences.
Currently, Druzina Content has in its portifólio dozens of titles in development, production and commercialization, in co-production with companies from Brazil and abroad. The company is Producer, Co-creator and Co-producer of the series Universo Z, TazerToon, 2C, Lupita on The Planet of the Grown-ups, Lupita Around the World, Holocards Warriors, Journey to Xibalba, Paraffin Family, Jonas 80, The Sustainables and others. And also many features films like LOOP, Petsburg, Game Girls, Five Kinds of Fear, Tales of Tomorrow, The Ota Sex Report, among others.






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