We are passionate about technology and entertainment. We love new media and interact with them. Our series turns into games, our games turn into movies, our movies into applications, our applications turn into new medias. We believe in a hybrid of technology and entertainment.

Druzina Content gets involved with projects composed of stories that, besides being watched, can also be played and lived! It's the spectator becoming present within the narrative and the narrative becoming real. Our current goals are worldwide distribution, co-productions with other countries, strategic partnerships in the markets of games, films, television, VR, AR, AI and new media.

We look closely and with enthusiasm animation projects that use artificial intelligence (AI) in their production. And we look for partners in this regard.


Series 3D Animation  52x11'


8 -12 (Kids)

When the powerful Z dominates the greatest warriors of the Ciberverse, it will take three students in the training gym to join forces to save them.


Game (KIDS MMO) +

Serie 3D Animation  52x11'

8 -12 (Kids)

Mr. Monkey has a secret love for Monita. Monktopus wants to be king, but the king is Monita's father. He knows that conquering Monita's love may be the way, but he runs into Mr. Monkey, who has no limits. Besides that, crazy  characters  contribute to the confusion.


Game (Tower Defense + Online PvP)

+ Serie 3D Animation  26x11'

8 -12 (Kids)

Javu, a boy who had his mother kidnapped by the villain Cid, enters a great adventure when he decides to overcome his fears to confront Cid and discover the whereabouts of his mother. The first season shows the formation of the group and the rise of Cid.


Platform Game (jumping, auto-runner) 6-10 (Kids)

+ Short Animation 13'

Ruth did not have the same wings as all others in her kingdom, but she had other wings, wings that are more powerful than any human sense and capable of carrying her through unimaginable places.

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