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Status: Development

Target: 8-12 (Kids)

Looking for: Investiment, licensing for channel/plataform and coproduction

Brazil coproducers: Druzina Content, Bacteria Filmes, Wave CG

China coproducer: NeoOne Content

When the powerful Z, rebelled over and dominated the greatest warriors of the Cyberverse, the three worst and most bumbling students of the school will have to join forces to save everyone.However, to combat it, this unusual group of new heroes will need to learn to master a somewhat rare technique: the fantastic Holocards. A mysterious deck of cards with images of vintage games off-line that literally join the warrior transforming their armor. A 3D animation series of adventure, action and comedy. Join them and help them face this challenge!

The Holocards Warriors have the background the fantastic and technological Cyberverse. A cyber world with diverse environments, inhabited and governed by robot-humanoid beings that are divided into different spaces and cities. Although they aim to live in harmony, many threats disturb the order in the Cyberverse like a viruses and bugs in the system creating malicious beings and now the inhabitants of this cyber world are in need of defending themselves. So, they created the so-called "training gym": a school specializing in guiding and training all those who wish to become warriors in order to contain enemy threats and re-establish equilibrium throughout cyberspace. But one day the greatest warrior of all time, the powerful Z, rebelled over and dominated the school and all the Elite Team with his advanced fighting techniques. And three heroes will save them all! Yeah, well, maybe they're not really heroes yet! The only ones that were not contaminated were the three worst and most messy students of "training gym" because they were late for class. Now only this three apprenticed, Eugen, Filoo and Brunn can defend and save the Cyberserverso. But how will a simple group of students save the cyberverse? As if the trio were no longer at a disadvantage enough, the only fighting technique that the group could use is only the outdated and banned HOLOCARDS - a cyberverse mystery that even Z does not know! The Holocards are magic cards that are scattered throughout the thousand corners of the cyberverse, similar to a collectible RPG-style card, each card brings different powers, strengths, and abilities based on a vintage kid's play s of offline world. Like a yoyo, top, kite, hide and seek, skates, marble etc. The Holocards are cards that evoke the powers of vintage children's games of the offline world and those cards literally join the warrior transforming their armor. Will our warriors be able to save the cyber? Will they find the Holocards?

The project was one of the winners at PRODAV 04 / BRDE / FSA, a governmental initiative to support the film industry in Brazil and participated in a development laboratory, receiving consulting with several professionals who are reference from the world animation and televison market.



1ST SEASON 52x11'


When the powerful Z dominates the greatest warriors of the Ciberverso, it will take three students in the training gym to join forces to save them.


Sinopsys: When the powerful Z uses his automation chip to dominate the Ciberverso's greatest warriors, it will be up to three students in the training gym to join forces to save them and prevent the villain's plan from materializing. But for this they only rely on the "coarsest" technique of all time. To help, there is the Warrior Elite Team, a group of fighters trained at the Training Centers, which protects the digital world against anything and everyone that can do harm.


rpg mmo puzzle

Holocards Warriors Game is an adventure, action and comedy game, RPG genre, MMO and Puzzle.

The main core of the game's interaction is the online layer with RPG in the Cyberverse scenario, the minigame system to activate the mission system through goals to be completed offline in the real world, which will be carried through the system of similar image search. For example, skipping rope or skating.

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