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GAME (Tower Defense + Online PvP) + SERIE

Status:  Series in Development  - Game in production 100% financed

Target: 8-12 (Kids)

Looking for: Investiment, licensing for channel/plataform and coproduction

Co-prodduction: Petit Fabrik and Druzina Content

Highlights: The project was one of the winners at fund ELETRONIC GAMES FSA/BRDE/ANCINE, a governmental initiative to support the film industry in Brazil.

The game is a Tower Defense with Online PvP based on developing a strategy to defend the central point of its base, its nuclear power, SILO. For this, the player must choose points of the map where they will position defense towers to protect the base from the waves of invaders that try to attack the base SILO.


SILO takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting: a world destroyed by a major nuclear war that devastated the planet. The chaos that set in ended nature, destabilized all the elements and the few survivors in this radioactive universe need to fight for resources and armaments. Everything revolves around nuclear power plants, which have become the only viable source of energy on the planet. 


As a result of the warfare, two hundred and thirty year later, a new civilization emerges on Earth, with nuclear based economy but presenting medieval characteristics. Society is divided into slaves, the freed, high ones and the lords of Silos. Due to radiation there are also many mutants and some of them possess psychic powers.

Due to this ruined setting, the world revolves around a mechanical alchemy. Players need to build their own weapons with what is left in the environment, whether they are aircraft casings, that can turn into a new weapon, or bits of scrap, such as chainsaws, that can turn into a new vehicle. Players will build fortresses around these nuclear bases, where each opponent will command their headquarters where the center of it holds a nuclear silo. This way, the player will have the potential to generate new soldiers, new towers and new units. And never forget: protect the SILO!


A post-apocalyptic universe. Two hundred and thirty years after a nuclear war, a new civilization emerges on Earth, with the economy based on nuclear power and slavery, but with medieval characteristics. Society is divided into slaves, free, high and the lords of Silos. Due to radiation there are also many mutants, some with psychic powers, others deformed.

In a ravaged world, Javu survives by risking his life by picking up objects from the ancient world and selling them. His mother was kidnapped by a militia and since then, he dreams of finding her again. Javu's life changes when he recognizes Cid, the man who kidnapped his mother, in the middle of assault on a convoy and decides to engage in the action to confront him, even though he has never fought before. The assault on the convoy  goes awry, when mutants from the shadows arise and drag robbers and escorts into the darkness. The group consists of the mercenary Merith, the former slave Rhun, the thief Tyssa, Javu and his dog Ruper Cyborgue.

The series covers topics such as the union of people, despite their differences, to face difficult times. The plot has four protagonists, a young mutant, a thief, a slave and a mercenary, who want different things, but who throughout history are faced with so many injustices that end up forming a team that will fight for a fairer world.

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