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Status: In Production

Target: 4 - 10 (Kids)

Looking for: Publishers, investors and licensing 

Prodduction: Druzina Content

Highlights: 100% financed! The project was one of the winners at #AudiovisualGeraFuturo Edital 7: Narratives Transmedia for Children - Animation Short + Electronic Games,  of the Secretary of Culture, a governmental initiative to support the film industry in Brazil. 

A platform game with map that unlocks books! And the books are part of the gameplay, because it is through them that the characters gain new "wings", a metaphor for the concept of "wings of the imagination" that books teach us. This game innovates by blending literature and games in a harmonious way.


Winged is a side-scrolling, jumping, auto-runner with action and adventure. The game is aimed at mobile devices (iOS and Android). The design of the game also works on consoles and PC, and in case there is resources and interest from new investors or publishers, we can plan together about this possibility. The avatar automatically runs and it's up to the player to direct it to avoid obstacles, climb walls, jumps and flights to collect mini-books to enable bonus stages, access new maps, unlock books in the library and to gain new wings with more skills.


Every time the avatar jumps a small translucent wing appears on her back. And the player needs to collect a specific number of mini-books to open the library and gradually enable classic books of world literature of Public Domain, and it could become a great children's literary platform game*.  With each enabled book, the character gains a different "wing" that allows them to acquire different abilities like jumping intensity, other jumping styles, acrobatics and temporary immunities.

The goal is to grab as many mini-books as possible, complete the level and, thus, access new maps and books from the library. In addition, it is necessary to dodge Giants Moths, Alienated Soldiers, Wind Head Neighbors, Gul-lible Dissiminators and other book-sucking obstacles. Every 10 levels completed, the player have to face a big enemy in order to advance on the map. On the whole, are planned 50 stages, 5 maps and 10 books in this first stage and more can being considered together with new investors or publishers.    


For children who have not yet been literate, or are in the literacy stage, there is a "Read For Me" key that, when activated, will narrate a summary of the story and/or the books can be read by the parents.

* The books selection will be curated by thinking primarily of great children's books in the public domain, and the books will be chosen and will have versions adapted according to the target age group of the game.







Intuitive Gameplay: The game has a fast, intuitive and simple gameplay.
Target: +4 is a perfect pastime for Generation Alpha, as this generation is extremely connected and loves books.
Platform: Mobile devices (iOS and Android), and the game design also works on consoles and PC.
Genre: Platform Game (side-scrolling, jumping, auto-runner)
Subgenre: Action & Adventure


"MENINA DE ASAS" (Girl with Wings)

The short film "Menina de Asas" (Girl with Wings) is based on the eponymous book of the Brazilian writer Pablo Morenno, which loosely inspired the game. With a projected duration of 13 minutes, in the genre of fantasy and adventure, the film will be produced by mixing techniques of 2D animation and stop-motion.

"Ruth did not have the same wings as all others in her kingdom, but she had other wings, wings that are more powerful than any human sense and capable of carrying her through unimaginable places." The short film is a metaphor for the "Wings of Imagination" conception that books can grant us. 

The conceptual arts are from Brazilian illustrators Walther Moreira Santos and Thiago Laurentino.

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