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Format: 95'

Status: Concluded

Genre: Documentary

Produced in: Brazil, Nigeria, Slovenia and Spain

Co-production: En Caliente, Livres Filmes  and Druzina Content

Countries: Brazil and Nigeria

Looking for: Festivals, Broadcasters, Channels and Streamings

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Languages: Yoruba, English, Croatin and Spanish

Launch: October / 2022

Director: Thiago Zanato

Screenplay: Prof. King, Thiago Zanato, Marcos "Nasi" Valadão Production: Chica Barbosa, Prof. King, Marcos "Nasi" Valadão Coproduction: Druzina Content and Livres Filmes

Cinematography: Marco Antônio Ferreira

Editing: Danilo Santos

Sound: Thiago Zanato, Fred França, Raul Costa and Tales Manfrinato

Sound Editing and Mixing: Tiago Bello

Color and Finishing: MIA - Marcelo Rodriguez

In Brazil, a country where religious freedom is under attack and racism is a systemic issue, a Nigerian professor and his community fight to prove that their god, Èṣù, is not the devil. “Èṣù and the Universe'' is a documentary about freedom of worship, the decolonization of thought and the influence of the Yoruba people in the diaspora. 


> 24th Rio de Janeiro Int'l Film Festival (Festival Internacional de Cinema do Rio de Janeiro) / 2022 - Première Brasil: Documentary Feature Film Competition (Competição Longa-metragem Documentário​)

       WINNER OF: Award for Best Documentary Feature (Vencedor do Prêmio de Melhor Documentário)

> 46th São Paulo International Film Festival (Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo) / 2022

       WINNER OF: Audience Award for Best Brazilian Documentary Feature (Prêmio do Público de Melhor Documentário)

> 22nd Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival - LALIFF / 2023 - Official Selection

> 62nd Cartagena International Film Festival (Festival Internacional de Cinema de Cartagena das Índias) / 2023 - Showcase Cine Afro (Mostra Cine Afro)

> 12th Ecofalante Environmental Film Festival (Mostra Ecofalante de Cinema) / 2023 - Feature Film Competition (Competição Longa-Metragem)


> WIP Latino at the Festival de Cine Internacional de Guadalajara in LA. Awarded with the Marketing Movie Runner. 

> Industry Meetings at DocSP - International Documentary Meeting of Sao Paulo. 

> "Only in NY" Industry Meetings at the DOC NYC (New York's Documentary Festival)

> NALIP Media Summit - Latino Film Market

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