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Format: 26x22' Series

Status: Poduction

Genre: Comedy

Broadcaster: Box Brazil

Launch Year: TBA

Looking for: Product Licensing

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Languages: Portuguese (Brazil)

Co-production: Druzina Content and Bactéria Filmes

Highlights: 100% alredy financed - In 2018 this project won governmental funding for its production in Brazil FSA/BRDE/ANCINE.

Country: Brazil

The series, in the format SITCOM with episodes INDEPENDENT, is a satirical parody of the lifestyle of the coastal surfer symbolized by a family who owns the inn Somewhere over the Rainbow, on the beach.

Formed by grandfather Dick, an old big rider world champion in the 60's that still surfing a lot. By Neopreme's father, unhealthy, always with the munchies and very clumsy who never learned to surf despite Dick's efforts. The family is also formed by the mother MD, a great model of bikinis, disappeared from a luau on the beach where everyone had a mysterious tea in homage to Santa Surfboard. And the four children: 

- The identical twin surfers girls: Stela that is so cueless and preppy that has even disgust of sand, and Sol, so different from his sister that is able to eat sand, if it is well tempered. Although they are twins, Stela has 16 and Sol has 14 years old, and nobody knows how it happened. 

- Reikenen is the oldest, is a boy 24 years old, was brought by the sea and found by MD (the missing mother, remember?), before she was even met Neopreme (the father). Reikenen is a genius, has a secret job and does not live in the inn beach, despite always being there. 

- Bud, the 18-year-old protagonist, is in high school, but will be repeat the year again because he was competing for the world surfing championship. He was banned from local championships for what he considers conspiracy by Kelly Slayer, the greatest surfer heavy metal of all time of the inn beach. He will fight with all his might to compete again.

The plot unfolds with everyday situations of the family, community and friends, as well as the not-so-everyday situations, such as guests that arise and live mysteriously in the inn, alien invasions and trips through the submerged city of Seagull, the aquatic kingdom of Man-Fish.  And sure... Mr. Jarbas, a former butler who became a billionaire after setting up the toilet paper company and investing in the real estate market in beachs, as he did in Hellcife and Caiburiu, taking the sun off the strip of sand with skyscrapers and polluting the sea. And his wife, Debbytch, is a wearer and owner of a tanning bed company and supports her husband in his hunt for the sun in the beaches. She considers that the sun to be a kind of demon responsible for the deaths of millions of people. 

Oh let's not forget to tell... Different from others beliefs, the predominant religion in the city is the Santa Surfbording, a worship of the Santa Surfboard that appeared on the beach, brought by the waves on the day of a surfing championship.

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