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Target: 6-12 (Bridge)

Looking for: Investiment, licensing for channel/plataform and coproduction

Co-prodduction: Petit Fabrik  and Druzina Content 


The Kukoo Monkeys live on a planet almost fully blanketed by an enormous ocean. The only piece of land in the planet is a small island where there is a giant tree. This tree is the home of the Kukoo Monkeys. In its trunk and branches there are many magic doors that can take our characters to any place, time or reality.

The Kukoo Monkeys franchise is a unique project that combines technology and entertainment in a fresh and original way.

This product is being developed by Petit Fabrik, a Brazilian company expert in animation, mobile applications and game developing, in partnership with Super8Prod.

Both the game, the series, and the feature film are all in 3D animation. The works go on in a narrative universe that contains a huge variety of characters and scenarios, providing a captivating audiovisual experience with strong appeal to kids.

Download Kukoo Monkeys Game in App Store and Google Play:








At the Kukoo Monkeys Island Each magic door leads to a unique adventure and experience: games, music, dance, special missions and collectable items! Choose your visual in the game and make new friends. Use your imagination and have fun!

You can be a part of the great Kukoo Monkey’s family and have fun with other online players. You can listen to Grammape’s stories (the grandmother of all Kukoo Monkeys), dive and meet all the sea inhabitants, go to a concert, travel in time to see dinosaurs, see flying cars, play in the snow, fly with a jetpack and become a superhero or a pirate, anything you imagine is possible! Enjoy it all and many other amazing possibilities at the Kukoo Monkey’s island! We’re waiting for you!

You can visit fantastic worlds like Mecha, where the future is come, Ice World, the place where the winter never ends, Jurassic World, full of dinosaurs and some primitive Kukoo Monkeys, and even the house of some iconic characters! You can also play dozens of different minigames and customize your avatar. And even more: you can have fun with your friends in music concerts and dance contests! Come and join us to discover more about this universe and the Tree’s crazy day-by-day, interacting with other characters, real players and accomplishing missions to win rare collectable items

Some tips you should know before you download Kukoo Monkeys Planet:

- It’s necessary to create an account to play the game.

- The app is free to play, with optional in-app purchases, but children must ask for parent’s permission in order to accept the terms of use.



1ST SEASON 52x11'





Kukoo Monkeys Festivals is an animated miniseries that tells the story of a small civilization of caricature monkeys, the Kukoo Monkeys, who live on a large, lonely tree, located on an island in the middle of the ocean. They can access anywhere in time and space, through innumerable magical doors that exist along the stem of the tree. There are several doors down the tree and they all go somewhere different. Outside the kingdom of the Kukoo Monkeys, there is still the kingdom of the Sea, where all the marine creatures inhabit and are ruled by Monktopus (an octopus that wants to be monkey and dreams of becoming the king of the tree too). It is in this context that the fun adventures of a group led by Mr. Monkey (a kind of Mickey Mouse of this universe, a popular subject, but who feels need of approval) are unrolled and the princess Monita a strong spirit girl, leader and determined a, which rival Monktopus. The group are children who are always trying to have fun while participating in some festival, tournament or competition that takes place in the Tree and always try to prevent when Monktopus and his assistant Oktomonk invent some miraculous plan to take the throne of the father of Monita, the king of Tree, Monking. The tone of Kukoo Monkeys Festivals is the nonsense comedy, with many visual jokes, which sometimes flirts with genres of fantasy, musical and science fiction. In addition to entertaining and entertaining, the miniseries has as guiding values as the friendship, the collaboration to the detriment of the individualism and the competitiveness, the tolerance and the respect to the elders. 


thE fILM





Kukoo Monkeys and the Universe Door follows a classic structure in 3 acts. The genre that guides the film is "comedy", also using the sub-genre "non-sense" in visual jokes. The "adventure" genre will also be widely used, because it is a plot that has a wide variety of scenarios and, mainly, obstacles that will be explored by the protagonists. Other subgenres will also be cited, such as "musical" and "science fiction", at specific points in the film. Making this work fall into an extremely popular category among our target audience.

The plot starts on a school trip. Professor M. takes the Kukoo Monkeys on a walk through several doors. Monita feels bored because the worlds behind these doors are uninhabited, merely scenographic. These doors were "disconnected" from their real worlds many years ago due to a great threat coming from one of the doors, the door of the universe. Throughout history, it has been discovered that it is possible to visit the actual versions of these worlds, it is enough that they are connected by "pearl beads", pearls similar to emoji, which exist in abundance in the kingdom of the sea. After knowing the discovery, which brings new life to the doors, connecting them to real worlds, Monktopus realizes the opportunity to become not only king of the tree, but of all the worlds. In his impetus for conquest, he ends up opening the door of the universe, which access contained numerous warning signs saying that it should not be opened. When connecting this door with the "pearl pearl", Monktopus brings to the tree the terrible Kauê. A superpowered and spoiled middle-aged ET that was in the past the reason the doors were disconnected. Kauê arrives at the tree and establishes his cruel plan: to force everyone to be his friends. At the end of the story, it will be realized the importance of building healthy relationships, showing that the friendship established between them is able to restore harmony.

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