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Ghost Labor

Sci-Fi Live-Action Feature Film

Sci-Fi/Drama Feature Film

Format: 100' Feature Film (Live-Action)

Target: Young Adults/Adults

Status: Late Development

Genre: Sci-Fi

Highlight: The project won a fund for its production (BRDE/FSA CINEMA – NOVOS REALIZADORES 2022), a governmental initiative to support the film industry in Brazil.

Sci-Fi/Drama Feature Film

Launch Year: TBA

Looking for: Broadcasters, Financing and Strategic Partnerships

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Sci-Fi/Drama Feature Film

Production: Plano B Filmes and Druzina Content

Co-Production: Filmes da Gruta and Lazuli Filmes

Associate Producer: Glaz Entretenimento

Distribution Company: Vitrine Filmes

Director / Screenwriter: Fábio Baldo

Country: Brazil

Pedro is a small farmer who has just acquired his first piece of land in the most isolated agricultural region in the interior of São Paulo. In an attempt to pay off the debt from the purchase of the farm, he invests a large part of the family's economic reserve in the production of organic food.

His plans start to go awry when a mysterious biotechnology company arrives in the region offering a new technology in transgenic seeds, capable of increasing productivity. Together with his wife and teenage son, Pedro will have to deal with the new production dynamics and the violence in the countryside imposed by the unbridled growth of agribusiness.

However, a strange chemical phenomenon begins to make the soil on his farm infertile, setting Pedro on a journey to save his family from bankruptcy.


During its development stage, the project won the following awards:

>>> Winner of the Ibermedia Program - Development (Ibermedia is a Development Program to Support the Construction of the Ibero-American Audiovisual Space)

>>> Winner of the SPCINE Doctoring Public Notice (São Paulo/Brazil)

>>> Awarded at the Festival de Roteiro Audiovisual de Porto Alegre - FRAPA (Porto Alegre Audiovisual Screenplay Festival - Brazil)

>>> Selected for Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum, at San Sebastián International Film Festival (Spain)

>>> Selected for Co-Production Market and Pitching Forum at MIA – Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo (The International Audiovisual Market), during the International Rome Film Fest (Italy)

>>> Selected for Laboratório Novas Histórias – Programa SESC SP/SENAC São Paulo de Desenvolvimento de Roteiros (a Brazilian initiative focused on the development of scripts and the perfection of the scriptwriter's craft)

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