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Lupita in the City of the Grown-Ups

Comedy/Family Friendly 3D Animation Feature Film

Sci-Fi/Drama Feature Film

Format: 90' Feature Film (3D Animation)

Target: Toddlers/Family

Status: Development

Genre: Comedy/Family Friendly

Highlight: The project won a fund for its production (BRDE/FSA COPRODUÇÃO INTERNACIONAL CINEMA 2022), a governmental initiative to support the film industry in Brazil.

Sci-Fi/Drama Feature Film

Launch Year: TBA

Looking for: Broadcasters, Financing and Strategic Partnerships

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Sci-Fi/Drama Feature Film

Co-production: Petit Fabrik, Druzina Content, and Circular Media (international co-producer)

Screenwriters: Ademar Vieira and Estêvão Queiroga

Director: Estêvão Queiroga

Countries: Brazil and Uruguay

Lupita is the curious baby astronaut who explores the whole world learning a lot while having fun! However, this time, she got lost from her parents in the middle of the big city... While trying to find her plush friend Bobo, Lupita gets into a lot of trouble and many adventures! Her parents, though, are distressed in their search for her.

This is the enchanting baby astronaut's first adventure on the big screen! Inspired by the hit series Lupita on the Planet of the Grown-Ups, Lupita Around the Planet and Lupita Curiosities (programs which have been exhibited in platforms such as Youku, El Reino Infantil, among many others), as well as the short film Lupita's New Toys, Lupita in the City of the Grown-Ups is sure to delight the whole family!

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