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Format: 90'

Gender: Neutral

Status: Pre-Production

Genre: Road Movie Feature Film

Country: Brazil

Launch Year: 2023

Looking for: Broadcasters, Financing and New co-producers 

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Languages: Portuguese (Brazil)

Co-production: Druzina Content, Armazém , Bactéria Filmes e Circular Media

Highlights: The project participated in Laboratório Novas Histórias conducted by the Sesc and Senac São Paulo Program, a brazilian initiative focused on the development of scripts and the perfection of the scriptwriter's office in Brazil.

Ayare is a 12 year old girl who lives in São Miguel das Missões. She dreams of knowing the sea, but, as always, will be forced to spend the holidays at home with her family. Dalia, Ayare's grandmother, recently became a widow and had to reluctantly accept that the family move to her house to "take care" of her. What no one suspects, is that she plans to leave to finally find her great love of the past.

However, by an accident, the grouchy grandmother and the rebellious granddaughter end up embarking together on a trip through the interior of the state of Rio Grande do Sul and Uruguay. Now they will have to put up with each other's presence if they are to achieve their goals. Throughout this journey, this meeting will reveal that they have much more in common than they realize, and the two will learn a great lesson in love and solidarity.
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