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Short Film - 3D Animation - Sci-fi/Drama

Format: 9'

Status: Completed

Target: Adults

Genre: Sci-fi/Drama 

Launch Year: 2021

Looking for: Programming, Curators, Festivals, Broadcasters, VOD Platforms and Strategic Partnerships

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Language: Non-dialogue film

Production: Petit Fabrik and Druzina Content

Co-production: KF Studios and Bactéria Filmes 


Country: Brazil

Highlight: Selected for the Brazilian Short Film Exhibition at the 49th Gramado Film Festival (2021)

In a post-apocalyptic world, successive wars, epidemics added to the scarcity of resources have resulted in a social collapse that transformed human beings into deformed stone figures trapped to their worst vices. When there was no more hope for humanity, suddenly, a flower blooms in the chaos and frees one of the “stone walkers" from imprisonment.


The height of egocentrism is reflected in the total isolation of bodies and senses, which can be reversed by a simple gesture of altruism. But are we really capable of practicing such a gesture, taken by aggressive and exacerbated viewpoints, contaminated by social networks?

"Stone Heart" does not need subtitles to synthesize an evil of our time anywhere in the world, fulfilling a universal connection. The plot takes place through actions, without a single word being necessary to understand the film.

Still 3 - Short Film Stone Heart Petit Fabrik Druzina Content.jpg
Still 2 - Short Film Stone Heart Petit Fabrik Druzina Content.jpg
Still 1 - Short Film Stone Heart Petit Fabrik Druzina Content.jpg


Production Companies: Petit Fabrik e Druzina Content

Co-Production Companies: KF Studios e Bactéria Filmes

Screenplay and Direction: Humberto Rodrigues

Producer: Luciana Druzina

Executive Production: Luciana Druzina, Humberto Rodrigues, Daniela Israel

Executive Production Assistants: Amanda Ruano, Éder Rösner, Duda Feistauer, Gianlucca Coelho, Lity Tavares

Screenplay Formatting: Ademar Vieira

Character Animation: Humberto Rodrigues, Breno Lopes, Jonathan Souza, Gustavo Rodrigues, Pedro Ivo Carvalho

Character and Environment Artists: Ed Schiffer, Glaubert Oliveira, Raphael de Moraes, Eduilson Duarte

Volume fx Simulation: Ed Schiffer

Color Grading: Paulo Navajas

Original Score: Bruno Mad

Sound Designers: Kiko Ferraz, Chrístian Vaisz

Sound Rerecording Mixer: Ricardo Costa

Sound Effects and Backgrounds: Chrístian Vaisz

Foley Artist: Felipe Burger Marques

Foley Recordist: Chrístian Vaisz

Sound Studio Management: Lísia Faccin, Luisa Lopes


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