Tales of Tomorrow
Through the Looking Glass

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Live-Action Feature Film

Sci-Fi/Drama Feature Film

Format: 90' Feature Film (Live-Action)

Target: Young Adults/Adults

Status: Late Development

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Country: Brazil

Sci-Fi/Drama Feature Film

Launch Year: TBA

Looking for: Broadcasters, Financing and Strategic Partnerships 

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Sci-Fi/Drama Feature Film

Co-production: Bactéria Filmes and Druzina Content

Screenwriters: Gustavo Magnani and Amy Brandão

Director: Pedro de Lima Marques

In the year 2169, Andrea is the leader of a rebel group that fights to break down the wall that surrounds the city Porto 01. More than the imposing physical wall, Andrea wants to destroy the Core, responsible for creating thousands of virtual realities delivered as a kind of drug for the population. For Andrea, virtual worlds keep the population in an illusory life where they can have everything, while the Council deprives them of a life based on the experience of reality. In 2009, in Porto Alegre/Brazil, Luana, in her doctorate in quantum computing, writes her thesis about the qubit, a research that deals with the possibilities of several parallel realities in a time when almost no one dared to talk about metaverse or virtual realities. Luana's life is transformed when gravity (and other natural laws) begin to fail, making her realize that the reality she lives in may not be so... "real".

Tales of Tomorrow: Through the Looking Glass is the expansion of the universe created by the original work Tales of Tomorrow, a film released in 2021 that accumulated more than 28 selections in worldwide festivals, in which it received 15 international awards, including 05 awards for Best Science-Fiction/Fantasy Film.