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Format: 90'

Target:  8-12 (Kids/Family Film)

Gender: Neutral

Status: Late Development - 50% Financed

Genre: Comedy, Adventure

Launch Year: TBA

Looking for: Broadcasters, Festivals and Strategic Partnerships 

Distributor: Europa Filmes

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Languages: Brazilian Portuguese 

Co-production: Petit Fabrik and Druzina Content

Highlights: In 2018 the project won a fund for its production, FSA/BRDE/ANCINE a governmental initiative to support the film industry in Brazil.

Country: Brazil

Mixing adventure and comedy, the plot introduces us to Lori and Daron, a pair of teeny-tiny young extraterrestrial folks with a mission: to find Earth and learn how to save their planet, Tharian, which natural resources are being systematically exploited and depleted by an evil Galactic Empire. They end up meeting Nancy, a brave and sweet old lady that lives in a riverside community, and a strong friendship flourishes between her and Lori. They don’t know that yet, but this unusual meeting will transform the lives of both our protagonists, since they are fighting for the same cause: Lori wants to save her civilization, and Nancy wants to protect her community, that is currently at risk of being destroyed by a mining company. 
Right after landing, Lori and her companion, Daron, win a fight against an army of bugs. At first, they thought it was a successful endeavor and they had subdued the inhabitants of the “Big Blue Planet With Green Bits” (that we know as Earth). But after that, they meet Mrs. Nancy and suddenly realize how small they are in this new, scary world. Lori and Daron believe Nancy is the cruel ruler of the planet and decide to bring her down, but right before getting into action, they find out she’s only an old lady that is part of a really close and loving riverside community. 
After all awkwardness wears off, Nancy and Lori start a very unlikely friendship. This bond is crucial to change the destiny of the community, that is currently being threatened by a mining company determined to remove all the inhabitants from this amazing natural paradise and turn it into a mining site. The day is saved, but Lori still needs help to fix their planet. Turns out Nancy is, in fact, an old lady, but when in Tharian, she’s also gigantic and invincible, and will also help Lori to save her people from the claws of their enemies. Tiny Apocalypse is a fun story about friendship and overcoming obstacles, and also discusses the importance of ambientalism and community bonds.
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