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  1st, 2nd and 3rd Seasons -  Animation and Live Action (156x11')  
Musical Interprograms: Let's Dance with Universe Z - 2D Animation (156x1')

Format: 156x11' + 156x1'

Target: Kids

Status: Available Now - 1st, 2nd, 3rd Seasons

 Launch Year: 1st season 2015/ 2nd season 2016/ 3rd season 2018

Looking for:  New broadcasters and Licensing

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Languages: Brazilian Portuguese and Neutral Spanish

Highlights: New musicals animation interstitials 156x1'!

Co-production: Druzina Content and Atama Filmes

Broadcasted: Nick Jr. Viacom Networks , LatAm

TV Brasil, Brazil,  Playkids, LatAm, Claro TV, LatAm, Vivo PLAY, LatAm, Net NOW, Brazil

Babidiboo, LatAm, iTunes, Google Play, etc.

Universe Z is a children's series that mixes live action and animation to present the adventures of Z (a girl) and two of her friends Taby (a tablet) and Sir PC (a computer). Together they address various issues and challenges in a fun and playful way. They create toys, drawings, musical instruments etc. with paint, recyclable materials, paper, glue and whatever is available. This show is full of music and games. It discusses everyday the issues in children´s lives using new technologies and encourages them to participate in manual activities. It is interactive, full of music, colors, magic, imagination, positive messages and makes learning fun. 

Universe Z (1st season 2015/ 2nd season 2016/ 3rd season 2018), being transmitted to dozens of countries. The show was produced independently and is now broadcast throughout Latin America on the cable channel Nick Jr. by Viacom Networks and free-to-air on public television Tv Brasil and many others platforms of VOD , EST and SVOD like Playkids, Claro TV, Vivo Play, Babidiboo, Net Now, iTunes AppleTv, Looke, etc. 

Universe Z is a pre-school series especially created for digital natives, the characters, the structure of the series, color palette, layout, music, story and other important aspects were created especially for our target audience. Today's children are constantly changing and we are changing Together. It connects with pre-school children through the technology used in their everyday lives and stimulates them to engage in manual activities. We have all worldwide licensing rights.

A great novelty is the series of musical interprograms Let's Dance with Universe Z (156x1'), made entirely in 2D animation! There is an interprogram that accompanies each original episode of Universe Z, but Let's Dance is a series that can be seen independently! Let's sing together!

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