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Wander is a single parent of twins and lives with his grandparents. Always struggling with all the obligations of adult life, he believes that the best job in the world and his great love are waiting for him around the next corner.

Format: Live Action Series and Feature Film

Status: Development

Genre: Comedy

Launch Year: 2023

Looking for: Broadcasters, Financing

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Co-production: Druzina Content, Cartunaria and Bactéria Films

Country: Brazil

Create by: Lisandro Santos

Wander is a common middle-class guy who turned 29 without much accomplishments in life. He was born at the beginning of the so-called Generation Z, that is, his head is much more unstable than stable, idealistic than materialistic, and why not... more buoyant than earthly.

Wander is a single father of twins and lives with his grandparents. He is always trying to find his soul mate, earn money to support his children or solve some problem with the help of his friend Léo. Bety is the ex-girlfriend of the Wander and mother of his children. She vanished into thin air when they were still playing together in a garage band, but from time to time she reappears without warning, shaking the fragile balance of Wander's life.


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