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Three Wishes for the End of the World

Sci-Fi/Drama Feature Film

A major environmental disaster. An alien from another dimension. Two sexagenarian friends. Three women and three wishes living many adventures on the road towards the End of the World.

Sci-Fi/Drama Feature Film

Format: 75' (Feature Film)

Status: Development

Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama

Director/Screenwriter: Saskia Sá

Country: Brazil

Sci-Fi/Drama Feature Film

Launch Year: TBA

Looking for: Broadcasters, Financing and Strategic Partnerships

Rights Available: All available, Worldwide (all languages)

Language: Brazilian Portuguese

Sci-Fi/Drama Feature Film

Co-production: Horizonte Líquido and Druzina Content

Highlights: * Based on the novelette of the same title published in Revista Mafagafo, a magazine that publishes fantasy and science fiction short stories and novelettes. Check it here.

* In 2021, the project was selected for Vitória AV.LAB (laboratory of audiovisual projects carried out in partnership with BrLab), in which it had the consultancy of Iana Cossoy Paro, Marina Tabaray, among other renowned professionals.

Ava, a young woman, emerges at the site of a dam breach and goes on to Regência (Brazil), where she meets Cecília and Dalva, two sexagenarians ladies mourning the death of Pedro, Cecília's husband and Dalva's brother. Ava says that she came from another world through a dimensional rift and has to go to Ushuaia (Argentina), where another rift will open so she can return home. She also says that their universe is threatened due to the imbalance caused by the disaster, and soon several catastrophes begin to occur. As the world collapses, they travel following their wishes: Cecília wants to know the desert before she dies. Dalva wants her love for Cecilia to flourish. Ava wants to return home.

A story in which three women venture across the southern American continent, as an escape route from the end of our world announced by Ava, one of the main characters. A praise to the freedom of women as protagonists of their destinies, living life to the fullest, in a transforming journey that reveals, from their personal dramas, the imbalance of the world that affects their lives.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-22 at 15.18.55.jpeg

Cover of issue 4 of Mafagafo Magazine, in which the novelette "Three Wishes for the End of the World" was published. Check it clicking here.

Co-prodution Druzina Content and Horizonte Líquido:

DRUZINA CONTENT operates in the cultural and audiovisual production market in Brazil and abroad. We have audiovisual content in more than 50 TERRITORIES IN THE WORLD on diverse channels and platforms. Druzina Content works exclusively with its own projects or in co-production. We work in the production of dozens of films, series and games in co-production with companies from Brazil and around the world. Our specialty is the production of sci-fi, comedy, and content for children and teenagers. We create borderless properties!

HORIZONTE LÍQUIDO is a company with innovative features that produces content for children, youth and adults, including series and films in live action and animated content for movie theaters, TV and VOD platforms. We are focused on  FEMALE PROTAGONISM, narratives of fantastical universe and science-fiction. We are a company with the goal to integrate new opportunities in a constant search for new audiovisual horizons with quality projects.

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